a film by Lane Janger
1999 | 93 mins | US
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a comical look at sexual diversity and fantasy
Just One Time by Lane Janger Have you ever fantasied about having sex with two women at the same time? OK, perhaps that was a stupid question, but Anthony the New York based firefighter and star of our show has - and moreover still does. And nothing wrong with that - or is there, given that two weeks prior to wedding bliss he is still subjecting his fiancée Amy to his incessant demands for a ménage à trois. That is until finally she says YES, only to turn the tables on her husband-to-be by inviting him to participate in a three-way - with another man, namely Victor, the gay boy next door who happens to have the hots for him!

All of which equates to escape plan A, as Italian hetero Anthony rapidly backtracks from a night of sexual intimacy and accompanied by his macho firefighting colleagues, agrees to go on a date with Victor instead. As for Amy, well in agreeing to her part of the deal, she finds herself making the acquaintance of Michelle, a sexy lesbian furniture restorer. Over time, over woodworking and over one too many beers, she begins to explore her sexual curiosity. Question is, is she enjoying herself just a little too much? For is the girl Anthony loves, now in love with another woman?

Just One Time by Lane Janger Developed from an open-ended short that premiered at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival and co-written, co-produced and directed by Lane Janger who equally stars as Anthony, this comical look at sexual diversity and fantasy delights in confronting stereotypical attitudes to human sexuality. Only in doing so, the growing bond between Amy and Michelle is developed at the expense of the often off-screen deepening friendship between Anthony and Victor. Then again, there is a reason for such and to say more would equate to a cinematic spoiler. Suffice to say that Victor ends up with a smile on his face, but only a smile, given this gay boy is surprisingly denied some man-on-man lip-service that both he and the film are crying out for.

That said, Lane Janger and Joelle Carter as his fiancée aptly depict the mixed emotions of their characters, only to be upstaged by the sparkling turns of David Lee Russek as Anthony's fellow firefighting best friend Dom, Guillermo Díaz of Stonewall fame as Victor and Jennifer Esposito, who as Michelle frankly steals every scene she's in. Then again this should be of no surprise, given many of the actors starred in the original short and here fit effortlessly into the reprise of their roles, along the way delighting in a series of one-liners that Janger has built the premise of his romantic comedy around. Namely 'do onto others only as you would wish done onto thyself.' In other words; perhaps a fantasy, sexual or otherwise, should remain just that!
screened as part of the 14th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2000
starring: Lane Janger, Joelle Carter, Guillermo Díaz, Jennifer Esposito,
David Lee Russek, Vincent Laresca, Domenick Lombardozzi
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