a film by Brian Sloan
1997 | 90 mins | US
›› I Think I Do
a sparkling romantic comedy of mixed sexuality
I Think I Do by Brian Sloan Have you ever fancied your best friend? Well in this sparkling romantic comedy Bob does, only for a bout of manly wrestling with the object of his unrequited love to become a bit too intimate for the liking of proud university hetero Brendan. So cue escape plan A, as Brendan freaks out and thereafter into the willing arms of girl-about-campus Sarah. Only that was five years ago and now former roommates reunite at a mutual friends wedding, alongside 'fanning the flames of yesteryear' Sarah, together with lovers Beth and Eric - well anyone's actually!

And yet somehow something is different this time around. For whilst Bob has fallen for the mind and ever so toned body of Sterling Scott; a daytime soap opera star famed for his stripped-to-the-waist hospital scenes, could it be that Brendan, now a successful Boston teacher living the life of a single straight male, is well - not so straight after all?

I Think I Do by Brian Sloan From the director who delivered the profoundly moving 9/11 work WTC View, came this spirited take on the 'who-will-get-off-with-who' scenario. Playing it for all its worth, Sloan triumphantly delivers the comic goods, backed by an ensemble cast who give the material their all, inparticular the comical coupling of Maddie Corman and Guillermo Díaz, who as Beth and Eric are nicely countered by Lauren Vélez and Jamie Harrold as the nervous bride and groom of the piece, let alone a pre Desperate Housewives Tuc Watkins as lover boy Sterling Scott, or is it Scott Sterling?

Yet at heart, this is the Bob and Brendan show, with Christian Maelen who went on to produce, direct and star in the 2005 indie murder mystery Remedy, offering a remarkably compelling performance here as Brendan, a 'straight boy' who may just be in love with the manly physique of Alexis Arquette as Bob; that is, in the days before he became a she.

Bright and breezy throughout, this feel-good movie has enough jokers in its pack to please audiences of mixed sexuality. And whilst the conclusion on offer may prove to be a little too saccharine for some, at the end of the day this highly engaging feature just goes to show that some men are gay, some are straight - and well, some have still to decide. Delightful.
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue
starring: Alexis Arquette, Christian Maelen, Lauren Vélez, Jamie Harrold, Marianne Hagan,
Guillermo Díaz, Maddie Corman, Tuc Watkins, Marni Nixon, Elizabeth Rodriguez,
Patricia Mauceri, Dechen Thurman, Jordan Roth
cameo appearance by Lane Janger as The Wedding Bartender
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