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As is obvious, this page is devoted to a series of links to sites of similar media interest and themes.
If you would like your site to be included as part of the Links Service, simply email dave@gaycelluloid.com with your site name, official URL and a brief description as to the nature of your site. It's as easy as that.

A reciptorial link to www.gaycelluloid.com "for gay cinema, gay films, gay reviews" would naturally be appreciated. Thank you :)

›› British Film Institute www.bfi.org.uk One of the most respected film institutes in the world.
›› Internet Movie Database www.imdb.com The Internet Movie Database; need more be said?
›› UK Film Council www.ukfilmcouncil.org.uk The official Government backed agency for film in the UK.

›› Artificial Eye www.artificial-eye.com For arthouse, foreign language and Derek Jarman films.
›› Breaking Glass Pictures www.bgpics.com For US gay, lesbian and arthouse cinema.
›› New Queer Visions Media www.nqvmedia.com New Queer Visions On Demand VOD streaming service.
›› Peccadillo Pictures - peccadillopod www.peccadillopod.com Peccadillo Pictures' On Demand VOD streaming service.
›› Peccadillo Pictures - peccapics www.peccapics.com Peccadillo Pictures' PECCAPICS voice.
›› Pro-Fun Media www.pro-fun.de The leading German based gay film distributor.
›› Second Sight Films www.secondsightfilms.co.uk For film, television and Derek Jarman classics.
›› Strand Releasing www.strandreleasing.com For US gay, lesbian and arthouse cinema.
›› Tartan Films www.tartanvideo.com For UK arthouse, horror, thriller and gay cinema.
›› TLA Releasing /.com www.tlareleasing.com For US gay, lesbian and arthouse cinema.
›› TLA Releasing /.co.uk www.tlareleasing.co.uk TLA Releasing's UK voice.
›› Wolfe www.wolfevideo.com For US /Canada gay, lesbian and arthouse cinema.

›› Australia / Melbourne www.mqff.com.au Melbourne Queer Film Festival.
›› Canada / Montreal www.image-nation.org Montreal International Queer Film Video Festival.
›› Canada / Vancouver www.queerfilmfestival.ca Vancouver Queer Film Festival.
›› Denmark / Copenhagen www.cglff.dk/english Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.
›› New Zealand / Out Takes www.outtakes.org.nz Out Takes Queer Film Festival.
›› PrideArts Queer Film Festival PrideArtsShorts The PrideArts Queer - Film Festival shorts and features.
›› PrideArts Queer Dance and Musical Video PrideArtsMusicanddance The PrideArts Queer - Dance and Musical Video Contest.
›› UK / Iris Prize www.irisprize.org Cardiff's renowned gay and lesbian short film festival.
›› UK / Liverpool www.outsidersfilmfestival.com Liverpool LGBT International Film Festival.
›› UK / London Festival www.bfi.org.uk/lff The one and only London Film Festival.
›› UK / London Lesbian & Gay www.bfi.org.uk/llgff The one and only London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.
›› UK / Queer Up North www.queerupnorth.com Queer Up North (of England) Film Festival.
›› UK / Rainbow Film Festival www.rainbowfilmfestival.org.uk Shropshire Gay and Lesbian Rainbow Film Festival.
›› USA / Austin www.agliff.org Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival.
›› USA / Chicago www.reelingfilmfestival.org Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival.
›› USA / Kansas City kcgayfilmfest.com Kansas City Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.
›› USA / Long Island www.liglff.org Long Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.
›› USA / Miama www.mglff.com Miama Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.
›› USA / Pittsburgh www.pilgff.org Pittsburgh Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.
›› USA / Portland www.plgff.org Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.
›› USA / San Francisco www.frameline.org/festival San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.
›› USA / Tampa www.tiglff.com Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

›› Asian Gay Films www.asiangayfilms.com The latest releases for fans of Asian gay cinema.
›› Flicker www.hi-beam.net The low-down on experimental film / video artists and shows.
›› Fruity Movies fruitymovies.com A fruity site devoted to gay themed movie reviews.
›› Gay Film Magazine GayFilmMagazine.com Reviews and ratings of gay themed movies.
›› Gay Film Nation blogspot gayfilmnation.blogspot.com a gay media outlet where gay indie film makers can reach out to their audience.
›› Lesbian Films www.lesbian-films.com A great site for lesbian cinema.
›› Melon Farmers www.melonfarmers.co.uk/latest.htm The facts on BBFC cuts and bans.
›› Peccapics Blogspot peccapics.blogspot.com The latest gay film news and views; Peccapics style.
›› Queer Sphere thequeersphere.com For info on LGBT films, books, tv and current affairs.
›› Queering the Closet queeringthecloset.blogspot.com Reviews of queer movies and articles on queer philosophical / political issues.
›› That Gay Movie.com thatgaymovie.com News about new and upcoming gay films, actors and movies.

›› Cape Town Pride www.capetownpride.co.za The Out In Africa Cape Town Pride guide.
›› Out Bristol www.outbristol.co.uk Essential E-mag for the LGB community in Bristol and Beyond.
›› Queer Cymru www.queercymru.co.uk Arts and culture LGBT listings for Wales.
›› Virtualhomme.com www.virtualhomme.com A new visual resource site created for gay guys by gay guys.

›› Sunshine Behavioral Health www.sunshinebehavioralhealth.com Support for Substance Abuse and Mental Health issues with Support Hotlines.

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