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What is Gay Celluloid?

Gay Celluloid is a non-profit making website, dedicated to serving the gay cinematic community with pride.

Now with well over 1,000 gay film reviews and with many a differing review layout since its debut back in 2003, Gay Celluloid is a UK based website devoted to showcasing reviews of some of the lesser known, but wondrous gay films from around the world, together with many a gay classic of today and yesteryear.

Not that Gay Celluloid is a complete reference source of every film in which a homosexual / bisexual character is featured. Is there any site, that is? Rather, this site offers a collection of reviews to the gay short and feature length films that I have penned to-date, with new reviews and FreeViews ever being added.

All reviews / text Copyright © 2003 - 2023 David Hall. Please DO NOT copy these reviews; it takes time and a great deal of work to write each review and to maintain this site; thank you.

A word or two on ratings, given it goes without saying that what I view as say 3 stars or more, you may well deem different. So and by no surprise, it all boils down to a matter of personal taste.

Indeed and in many ways, the reviews are but subjective guides, with comments on the story, production values etc., mere signals as to whether or not the film under discussion may or may not be to your viewing pleasure. For that's the beauty of cinema, the diversity of the medium and of personal celluloid tastes that make each of us view the same work, often in different directions.

If you like the site and would like to keep it online, donations to Gay Celluloid are ever welcome, no matter how large or small - thank you.

Photographic Stills.

My sincere thanks go to all parties for the use of photographic stills for illustrative purposes, with all visual content copyright to the respectful owners.

Please note: no photo is indicative of a person's sexual orientation. This is not to say that some of those photographed are anything but - out and proud.

Due to a number of requests, reviews now carry a male nudity reference guide, being: none | from the waist up | bare-arsed cheek | graphic bare-arsed cheek | the side monty | the full monty | the copious monty | the erect monty | sexually explicit | sexually explicit, and then some. A few variants along these lines, may be used from time to time.
Online / Offline.

All external trailers, promos and FreeViews are live and correct as-of-going to press; subsequent changes and / or deletions however may occur. Should you by chance come across anything now offline, kindly let me know at dave@gaycelluloid.com - thank you.
Site Specifics.

Finally and on a technical note and whilst compatible with all browsers of the like of MS Internet Explorer, this site has been developed and optimised for use with Mozilla Firefox, including all font sizes and design layouts. As of 2011, many a review included the Google™ translate facility for worldwide readership. This has now been discontinued, as it proved incompatible with every browser.

All available on DVD links are live and correct as-of-going to press; subsequent changes and / or deletions may occur. All date references are stated in the English date format.
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