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I'm always amazed at the wealth of quality short films that are available Free to View online; so first off a big THANK YOU to all of the directors, producers, distributors etc. who have made their work freely available for the enjoyment of one and all.

Indeed with so many OFFICIAL FreeViews online, this is just a sample of the numerous FreeViews to the found on this website, with all links, as perhaps is obvious, live the last time I checked. However, should you come across any that have since gone offline, OR should you have an OFFICIAL FreeView that you would like added to the list, simply email dave@gaycelluloid.com.

To be frank, some of short films featured below are simply wondrous!
Be sure to check them out.
Dave :)

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›› Putting on the Dish ‹‹   ›› Ceramic Tango ‹‹   ›› Sports! ‹‹
2015 | 6 mins | UK   2013 | 10 mins | Canada   2018 | 5 mins | US
How's your Polari? Well mine's nowhere as articulate as the two men here, who strangers to each other, soon strike up a conversation on a park bench in the popular tongue used by many a gay man before homosexuality was, in part, decriminalised in Britain in 1967. And therein lies the ›››   Both disturbing, yet equally captivating, this psychological horror tells how after receiving some disturbing news, a young man spirals into a deep depression, only to become vulnerable to the will of a dangerous intruder. Yet there's a lot more to it, than that. Written by Charles Hall and wonderfully played ›››   This well-played short charts the relationship between two flatmates; one obviously out to the world and the other who just wants to play some basketball with his teammate. Yet this is more than just a stereotypical take on a gay boy gate-crashing the sports field, given there's a touching twist to this tale ›››
›› The Definition of Lonely ‹‹   ›› Sign ‹‹   ›› Tonight It's You ‹‹
2015 | 14 mins | UK   2016 | 15 mins | US   2016 | 17 mins | US
This wondrous play on the 'odd couple' scenario tells the story of an introverted young man seemingly content with his lot; be it one that sees him pass his lonely hours away by watching others enjoying a life that he can but dream of. That is until a stray dog brings its OTT owner to his attention ›››   This compelling short tells the story of how when cutie Ben summons up the courage to talk to Aaron at their local Manhattan subway station, he's surprised to find that Aaron is deaf. In short and what at first appears to be just another variant on the boy-meets-boy theme, is in reality anything but. For ›››   This rollercoaster ride of emotions finds lovable hustler CJ of Tonight It's Me fame getting more than he bargained for, when he arranges an online hook-up with misfit Hunter in a rundown farmhouse, miles from anywhere. In short, this is but a 'cabin in the woods' styled thriller and it's brilliantly ›››
›› Anoraak: Figure ‹‹   ›› Wonderkid ‹‹   ›› Everybody's Having Sex But Ryan ‹‹
2017 | 5 mins | France - UK   2016 | 31 mins | UK   2009 | 14 mins | US
From multi-talented writer and director Simon Savory of Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas fame, comes this wonderfully creative short film that focuses on how a "three-way relationship expands and contracts". Shot on location in Paris, this is in essence a music video for Anoraak; as choreographed ›››   This compelling British short dares to tackle the ultimate sporting taboo; namely coming out in the so-called beautiful game. It's a situation that's finds Wonderkid yearning to give his all to the game, yet held back from displaying his full potential by not being able to be himself on the pitch and to those ›››   This is the story of Ryan, who as the title implies isn't getting any manflesh in the night, or the day for that matter and whose mission to get laid seemingly always takes second place to the rampant love life of his best friend Dustin, who as luck would have it has a plan to find him his Mr Right ›››
›› Gorjetas - Tips ‹‹   ›› Sombrero ‹‹   ›› Faut pas penser ‹‹
2016 | 18 mins | Brazil   2008 | 12 mins | US   2015 | 11 mins | France
Broke and in need of money fast, gay boy Mário has taken to earning tips from showing off his cute body; webcam style. Only when a robber interrupts the show demanding money, rather than call the police, Mário decides to turn the situation to his financial advantage, in this seductive mix of ›››   James and Raymond are two men looking for a connection in life. They meet for a blind date in a Mexican restaurant. James is nervous, but Raymond is calm and collected and tries to make the most of their awkward encounter. But as the two men learn more about each other, their rocky date takes ›››   Julien and Pierre are both seventeen and in love with each other. Only life is not that easy, given and in what at first appears to be a tender tale of boys in love, is actually a wake-up call to the alarming number of teenage suicides in France; from those attempted, to the tragic reality of ›››
›› On the Same Team ‹‹   ›› Fivesixths ‹‹   ›› Caged ‹‹
2014 | 22 mins | Argentina   2012 | 28 mins | Germany   2013 | 13 mins | Netherlands
Emanuel; a closeted rugby player, can't find his place in an environment that he finds repressive and incoherent. Yet where is he to go? Seeking solace in the arms of his best friend and perhaps more Alejandro; a man totally at ease with his sexual desires, their lives couldn't be more different as ›››   Beautifully executed from start to finish, here we find director Jonas Marowski brilliantly showcase how a game of Truth or Dare can quickly turn into a night that no-one will forget. For and as the title implies, this is a story that revolves around the missing sixth member of the group, seen solely in ›››   This engaging short film vividly depicts the emotional turmoil of David; a straight teen who is set to discover that his best friend Niels is not only gay, but with a boyfriend in hand. And it's here that this short scores big time, wonderfully showcasing the friendship between the two, a close bond shared ›››
›› Blue Pool ‹‹   ›› {Brace} ‹‹   ›› Aban + Khorshid ‹‹
2011 | 9 mins | France   2015 | 24 mins | UK   2014 | 13 mins | US
This is one of those short films that whilst far from being overtly gay, still simmers with homoeroticism, with director Jean-Baptiste Becq all too happy to let his camera linger on many a muscular torso, as two men forever appear to be in each other's company in the pool or out, on a long hot day in summer ›››   Punching well above the weight of your standard short film, this work showcases the blossoming relationship between two men hoping that in each other to have found 'the one,' only for life's secrets to get in the way of love, when on London's thriving gay scene, newly single Adam meets Rocky ›››   You cannot help but be moved by this short film, given the stark fact that it's inspired by the public hanging of two young men in Iran in November 2005 for simply being in a same-sex relationship. And it's their overwhelming love for each other that director Darwin Serink vividly captures ›››
›› Tomorrow ‹‹   ›› Ruben ‹‹   ›› ADAM ‹‹
2014 | 13 mins | US   2012 | 14 mins | Netherlands   2013 | 23 mins | Israel
Clearly in love with his best friend Trevor, gay boy Clark is taken aback when asked by the object of his affection to help him out in his pursuit of the lovely Sarah. That it's his lips that he yearns were being kissed by Trevor is all but obvious. Yet come close of play, could Clark be the one in for a big ›››   With seemingly no-one to turn to for support, closeted teen Ruben comes into chatroom contact with Mike. Meeting in person, both are finally able to express their innermost feelings. Yet when news of their meeting spreads like homophobic wildfire in class, Ruben finds himself at the end of lonely ›››   Adam, a sensitive soul has fallen in love with high school cutie and straight teen Jonathan. Knowing that his love can never be, Adam takes consolation in a fantasy relationship by way of a pair of 'Jonathan and Adam' Barbie styled dolls. That is, until his pent-up emotions are destined to end in tragedy ›››
›› Tonight It's Me ‹‹   ›› Home From the Gym ‹‹   ›› Spooners ‹‹
2014 | 13 mins | US   2014 | 6 mins | US   2013 | 14 mins | US
Can a hustler ever find true love? Well, that's the set-up for this enticing short when a rent boy finds his latest client far removed from the usual assortment of men eager to pay for his naked manflesh. And that's the beauty here, as we see a young man often abused by older men, taken aback by the ›››   This seemingly voyeuristic piece tells the story of a young man who returns home following a workout at his local gym. Back in his studio styled apartment, he proceeds to struggle with removing his clothes, before sitting naked on his sofa with a tear in his eye. And that's it folks. Or is it? ›››   Nelson; out to those who know him, if hardly flying the rainbow coloured flag elsewhere is a man on a mission, determined to replace his partner Corey's lumpy old futon with a brand new bed, one that finds him thrust into the coming out spotlight courtesy of the latest high-tech Smart Bed that knows ›››
›› Lost Angel ‹‹   ›› Jet Lag ‹‹   ›› Dog Meet Goose ‹‹
2013 | 17 mins | US   2011 | 7 mins | Mexico   2012 | 21 mins | US
Cue the life of Mikael; a Dutch tourist new to Los Angeles and a young man who having lost his wallet, broken his mobile and I won't even mention what happened to his luggage, chances upon his guardian angel is the form of Carlitos; a cutie who turns tricks to pay the rent. Taking pity on a lost soul alone ›››   This achingly bittersweet story of a love, forever lost, tells the tale of a couples' last hours together, before one leaves the man he loves for the sake of social conformity, seemingly unable or perhaps unwilling to accept his true sexuality. But before the last goodbye, our pair of star-crossed lovers ›››   This unnerving story revolves around an older man, think sex offender with a police record, whose life of self-imposed isolation is brought to an abrupt end upon an all too close encounter with a young man who turns up bleeding on his doorstep. As images of his fantasies, if not his nightmares collide ›››
›› My Friend Jaime ‹‹   ›› Only Always You ‹‹   ›› Rift ‹‹
2013 | 7 mins | Spain   2012 | 9 mins | US   2013 | 6 mins | US
This sweet short tells the story of gay teen Dani; a talented swimmer who's heart lies in the direction of his teammate Jaime. Only when Dani seizes the opportunity to plant a tender kiss on a surprised Jaime, is it the end of their close friendship, or the start of something far more meaningful? ›››   Sweet 'n' tender to the extreme, this is but gay escapism served on a cinematic plate. Yet there's nothing wrong with that, as we come to witness the telling eye movements of a young artist, sketching his desires on paper, forever daydreaming about the man in front of him, that of his Mr Fantasy. ›››   This touching short that speaks of the pressure to succumb to social conformity tells the story of Ridley; a seemingly happily married man who is overjoyed to see his male lover unexpectedly arrive at his door, only to then realize the gravity of the situation and the choice he's now ›››
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