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Following the highly successful self-distribution of its dramatic feature films, Guest House Films proudly present the first of their brand new series of short film compilations.

Beginning with BLACK BRIEFS; this set comprises of six gay works on a notably dark theme.

Overall Duration: 90 mins.

Out: 21.February.2012 / US.

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›› Spring ‹‹

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a short film by Hong Khaou
2011 | 13 mins | UK
getting more than you asked
for; S&M style.

As far removed from the sugary sweetness of his earlier coming out short Summer, here writer and director Hong Khaou takes you on a journey into the behind closed doors world of sadomasochism. For Joe is out for kicks, but not just any sexual high. Rather this good looking gay boy has a masochistic side to his nature or so he thinks, having never subjected himself to his master's voice before. That is until he meets Tim; a sadistic player who is more ...

›› Remission ‹‹

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a short film by Greg Ivan Smith
2010 | 14 mins | US
the horror of
cancer returning.

From writer and director Greg Ivan Smith comes the polar opposite of his heartwarming short The Back Room. Not that you would know this at first, for with cinematographer Todd Verow beautifully capturing the serenity of the lush sun-drenched countryside, Smith lures you in purposely slow with the story of Sam; a middle-aged man anxiously awaiting the results of his latest biopsy. Only you just know that the solitude that Sam seeks will find him ...

›› Winner Takes All ‹‹

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a short by Camille Carida
2011 | 17 mins | US
fighting for your man
- literally.

Gay boy Ryker seemingly has it all; the looks, the body, let alone the love of more than one man. Only trouble being that he cannot choose between them, prompting him to manipulate his way out of his dilemma by having his two lovers fight for his body beautiful - literally. Yet as his hunky "personal trainer" Ernesto and his artistic minded "agent" Brian enter the squared circle, just who will end up the loser when the gloves finally come off? In many ways this ...

›› Promise ‹‹

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a short by Lalo Vasquez
2008 | 20 mins | US
a disturbing look at love
and commitment.

Packing more emotional angst into its limited time frame than many a feature I could name, here we find writer and director Lalo Vasquez chart the dark side of a seemingly perfect relationship. Not that you would know this at first, as lovers of the long-term variety Stu and Chris appear to have it all, being on the eve of making their wedding vows to each other in front of their friends and family. Only that was before past indiscretions surface in the ...

›› Video Night ‹‹

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a short by Jim Hansen
and Jack Plotnick
2010 | 6 mins | US
making a video, turn nasty.

From the directorial team of Jim Hansen and Jack (Available Men) Plotnick comes this simple, but effective tale with a twist. Not that a gay boy's night in was supposed to turn out the way it did, when making a video of the acting kind, the stars of the show are set to discover something in the raw footage that they clearly did not expect to find. Only to add more, would be saying. Suffice to note that it's well played, with the party atmosphere naturally ...

›› Communication ‹‹

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a short by Christopher Banks
2010 | 20 mins | New Zealand
a telling work on life, love
and regret.

Told from the reflective mindset of Jacob, we encounter this young man as he finds himself bequeath the estate of former university lecturer Andrew. Taking a commemorative tour of the property, memories come flooding back as objects on display vividly recall times past spent with a man only too happy to court the affections of a youth, yearning for a career in public relations. Only it is their relationship that this work plays with. Based on a one-act play ...

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As the first in a series of gay short film compilations courtesy of the good folk at Guest House Films of Make the Yuletide Gay fame, here we find the boys opting to explore the darker side of life and love. And to that end, this release certainly lives up to its theme. All are well played, with some of the works featured not only decidedly dark, but frankly disturbing.

That said, coming soon from the boys is the follow-up volume Blue Briefs; namely a shorts selection set to focus on "gay relationships and the pain that often comes with love."

That compilations of this nature, offer new filmmakers a badly needed international platform on which to showcase their work, let alone safe guard many a title from vanishing into the cinematic void, cannot be stressed enough. All of which makes for a highly commendable debut release; albeit on a notably dark theme. Need more be said? Only that ...

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