Once again New Queer Visions showcase a stunning collection of wondrous short films, in a series of six tales that between them highlight closeted homosexuality disguised as overt masculinity, a bittersweet coming-of-age tale of first love, the telling tale
of brotherly love tested to breaking point, a graphic reminder of the shocking reality of sexual prejudice,
and from the realistic depiction of gay manga styled adult entertainment, to that of
a delightful take on gay parenting and the anxieties of getting it right.
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›› Golden Boys ‹‹   ›› In Beating Cells ‹‹   ›› The Middle of a Lake ‹‹
2016 | 8 mins | Canada   2017 | 25 mins | Germany   2017 | 22 mins | France
Three thirty-something best friends reunite to reminisce about times past, in the process breaking into their old private school of yesteryear, armed with a bottle of whiskey and memories that they would prefer not to remember. No surprise really, given this is but a vivid depiction of homophobia ›››   Reviving the era of free love '60s style, two couples while away the hours swimming, drinking and smoking pot, getting high enough to get up close and personal with each other; foursome fashion. Only when Friedrich's lips touch those of his best friend Rico, a side of his sexuality starts to ›››   Following the death of their father, brothers Thierry and Vincent, alongside their mother, sister and close friends of the family gather at the back of the family butcher shop for a final tribute to the man they all clearly miss. Only for brotherly love to be tested to breaking point, as a hitherto unseen ›››
›› Gilles ‹‹   ›› Kiko's Saints ‹‹   ›› With Thelma ‹‹
2016 | 6 mins | Netherlands - France   2019 | 25 mins | France   2017 | 14 mins | Belgium
This graphic reminder of the shocking reality of sexual prejudice finds two young men venting their anger on each other; street brawl fashion. Only when a good Samaritan tries to break up the fight, the reality is that in wanting to do good, he finds himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time, to his ›››   Kiko; a bored but talented Japanese illustrator gets distracted from her work when she catches sight of two men, making love on a deserted beach. Becoming increasingly obsessed with drawing their muscular physiques - gay manga style; she follows them along the shoreline, taking ›››   When a sudden Icelandic volcanic eruption has all but grounded international flights, partners Jean and Vincent become 'friends in need' if not temporary childminders to Thelma; a delightful small girl - after all, just how difficult can it be to take care of a child? This vibrant exploration of gay parenting ›››
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Gay Visibility - overt. 
Overall Duration - 100 mins. 
VOD Release Date - 26th August, 2021. 

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