Spun out of UK film festival New Queer Visions, THE MALE GAZE series showcases the best in LGBTQ short form cinema,
starting with THE MALE GAZE: FIRST KISS.
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›› Naked ‹‹   ›› Pria - Man ‹‹   ›› Walk with Me ‹‹
2013 | 29 mins | Sweden   2017 | 22 mins | Indonesia   2016 | 15 mins | US
Waking up from a night of alcohol-infused heady passion, students Erik and Anthony come to terms with the results of their sexual experimentation and whether or not to tell their respective girlfriends. But while Anthony accepts he's no longer who he thought he was, Erik clings to the supposed ideal of a heterosexual life - but not for long.   A heartfelt and rare insight into the burgeoning romantic impulses of a gay Muslim teenager towards his English teacher, Pria delicately unwraps the fragile relationship between a young man and the traditions of his upbringing in rural Indonesia that will either hold him back, or propel him forward.   While walking his dog, Eric bumps into the confident and carefree Ryan. Taking a nervous leap, Eric accepts Ryan's invitation to walk through the city en route to a concert. In the next six blocks, the two men discover that intimacy through anonymity also exposes one another's flaws and insecurities. Will they make it to the concert in one piece?.
›› One Night Only ‹‹   ›› Tapette - The Mousetrap ‹‹    
2017 | 10 mins | Australia   2016 | 25 mins | France    
When best friends Tyler and Erica crash a party to check out cute guy Theo - Tyler's swipe-right date for the evening, everything points towards a successful hook-up. But once Erica's out of the picture and Tyler and Theo are alone in the bedroom, Tyler has to decide just how far he's willing to go, and with whom.   In this hilarious man-meets-mouse coming-out comedy, hapless builder Michel finds himself aroused by co-worker Thierry, which doesn't go down very well with his long-suffering and totally unconvinced girlfriend, Charlotte. Nevertheless, Michel goes out into the night to explore his new desire.    
Dave says:

It's always a delight to review a new collection of gay short films and this debut compilation showcases a multitude of emotions. Yet and in as much as romance could be on the cards in the shorts One Night Only and Walk with Me, it's the theme of coming out to yourself and to the world around you, that as ever rings true and as this wondrous medley of short films aptly illustrates, it's a genre that can be played in a variety of cinematic styles; from Daniel Hagberg's Naked and all too realistic depiction of to thy ownself, being true; to Satya Dusaugey's hilarious take on the theme; that is Tapette. Only it's Yudho Aditya's Pria that cannot help but move you to tears, given it achingly reflects what it means to be gay and Muslim in a traditional society and the pressures faced by gay teenagers seemingly caught in the trap of longing to explore their true sexuality; yet knowing they must honour tradition. As diverse a collection, as it is compelling; frankly; there's a lot to like here.
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Gay Visibility - overt. 
Overall Duration - 101 mins. 
VOD Release Date - November 2018. 

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