Beginning in March 2009, leading UK gay film distributor Peccadillo Pictures released the first of their critically acclaimed
Boys on Film shorts compilation series. This, their fifteenth entry showcases a stunning collection
of nine wondrous short films from around the World.
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›› Aban + Khorshid ‹‹   ›› An Afternoon ‹‹   ›› Barrio Boy ‹‹
2014 | 13 mins | US   2014 | 8 mins | Denmark   2014 | 8 mins | US
If you only had a few hours left to live, what would you share with the love of your life? Together Aban and Khorshid explore this question during the hours before sentencing for their crime of loving each other.   Today is the day! Mathias is in love with Frederik and now he's going to tell him just that. But when the moment of truth arrives, is he brave enough to make the first move?   AIt's a hot and sweaty summer afternoon in a macho Brooklyn hood and while cutting the hair of a handsome Irish stranger, a Latino barber secretly falls in love.
›› {Brace} ‹‹   ›› I Love Hooligans ‹‹   ›› The Package ‹‹
2015 | 24 mins | UK   2013 | 13 mins | Netherlands - Belgium   2013 | 18 mins | Brazil
On his first foray into London's thriving gay scene, newly single Adam meets Rocky; a mysterious drifter. The two instantly connect, but Rocky seems eager to reveal more of himself than Adam is prepared to discover.   A football hooligan feels unconditional love for his club. However, being gay, he has to hide his identity in order to survive in the world that is so precious to him.   At a new school Leandro and Jefferson form an instant attachment and soon realize that theirs is no ordinary friendship. But young Jeff has something to tell.
›› Un Mundo para Raúl ‹‹   ›› The Violation ‹‹   ›› Want It ‹‹
2012 | 14 mins | Mexico - Switzerland - US   2013 | 13 mins | US   2015 | 11 mins | UK
When thirteen-year-old Raśl is asked to entertain the local landowner's son, a game of power and pride starts between the two boys in this thought-provoking narrative.   Oscar has a thing for his neighbour, Tina. Tina's brother, Mickey, has a thing for Oscar. When house-sitting for the family one day, Mickey invades Oscar's bedroom.   An intruder breaks into a luxurious home. He wants it. But when the owner returns unexpectedly, the intruder finds himself wanted instead.
Dave says:

Cutting straight to the chase, the short films that to my mind standout in this collection are Alicya Eyo and Sophy Holland's moving portrait of a pair of star-crossed lovers longing for sexual acceptance, that is {Brace}, together with Jan-Dirk Bouw's animated tale I Love Hooligans; namely a work that achingly depicts the sad tale of a man so obsessed with his love of football, that everything else in his life, including his true sexuality, takes second place to match day. Yet the star prize not surprisingly lies with the Darwin Serink award-winning short Aban + Khorshid ; inspired by true events this short film vividly depicts the last hours of two young men who were hanged in public in Iran in November 2005 for simply being in a same-sex relationship. It's as heartbreaking as it is powerful, making for a deeply moving tribute to those brave men and women who in the all too many barbaric regimes of the world, literally risk their very life - for love. As ever the collection is as diverse, as it is compelling. Say no more.
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Gay Visibility - overt. 
Overall Duration - 122 mins. 
DVD Release Date - 8.February.2016. 

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