a short film by Céline Sciamma
2009 | 8 mins | France
›› Pauline
a touching talking head monologue; lesbian style.
Pauline by Céline Sciamma This is, in effect, a touching talking head monologue, showcasing the life of Pauline who lying on her bed, relates her life story. Namely her happy childhood in a small provincial town where everyone knew each other, to the public outing of her homosexuality and the bitter pain of loneliness thereafter.

Yet in saying that, INPES in partnership with the French Health and Sports Ministry in participation with Canal+ television have to be applauded for having produced five quality short films of differing narratives from the competition "young and gay in the eyes of others." Each is a pure delight, even if this, the sole lesbian offering, is the most basic of the batch, production wise. A sure case of Viva la France and of a government concerned by the alarming suicidal rate amongst the gay youth of the day.
INPES presents 5 films in the collection against homophobia
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 #305   › Pauline a touching talking head monologue, lesbian style.
starring: Anaïs Demoustier as Pauline.
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