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a short film by Sam Peter Jackson.

2018 | 23 mins | US - UK.

a comical roller coaster ride on the meaning of life and family.

Dave says:

From writer and director Sam Peter Jackson comes this comical roller coaster ride on the meaning of life and family.

Not that American voice over artist Daniel (David Menkin) would pay much attention to that, given his life in London is seemingly an endless mix of client calls and one-night stands. All that is about to change however when his mother Stephanie (Nancy Baldwin) comes calling, paying him an unexpected, or should that be unwelcome visit from the States, together with inviting his sister Chrissie (Christy Meyer) to 'pop over from Geneva' for a long overdue family reunion. Wasting no time in cutting to the chase, Stephanie promptly asks Daniel why he's never come out to her? A question that catches Daniel off guard, as much as when Stephanie later learns that Daniel has been out to his sister for years. With tempers raised with words to match, what will it take for all three to unite in the spirit of Christmas?

Wonderfully played throughout, here we find Jackson weave a tale that's both touching and yet equally frustrating; frustrating in the sense that there's just too much going on here, with the narrative crying out for breathing space. And that's a shame, because the screenplay is filled with a series of hilarious one-liners that are delivered in typical Joan Rivers quick-fire fashion, with Baldwin clearly delighting in the role of the Mother of all Matriarchs.

That the story ends with Daniel realizing the shallowness of his life and seizing a moment that could lead to something far more meaningful, is of no surprise. What is a surprise is how Baldwin and Menkin prove to be a great double act, leaving Meyer to shine as the compassionate soul of the piece. Yet with almost every scene delivered in top gear, you cannot help but end up feeling that this is a feature condensed into a short. That said, there's still a lot to like here; in particular the central theme of coming out to those close to you, before they ask you the question themselves! Say no more.

›› available as part of the Peccadillo Pictures shorts compilation BOYS ON FILM #21 - Beautiful Secret.
›› posted: Sunday, 19th December, 2021.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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