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Boys On Film: Cruel Britannia

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Beginning in March 2009,
leading UK gay film distributor
Peccadillo Pictures released
the first of their critically
acclaimed Boys on Film series.

This, their eighth compilation
showcases ten short stories,
overflowing with narrative
diversity and sexual candour.

Overall Duration: 150 mins.

Out: 28.May.2012 / UK.

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›› All Over Brazil ‹‹

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a short film by David A Ward
2003 | 10 mins | UK
a gritty tale of burgeoning
sexuality; glam rock style.

With more than a liberal dose of the music of Slade, let alone a broad Scottish accent, this short delivers a down to earth look at burgeoning sexuality, when a father trying to bring up his son and daughter alone in the early '70s, catches his son camping it up in his sister's glitz 'n' glam, let alone her gold lame boots. Question is, is it more than this proud Scotsman can take?

›› Nightswimming ‹‹

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a short film by Dominic Leclerc
2010 | 14 mins | UK
the inherent need for
human contact.

Here we find Leclerc deliver a tale in which no-one is who, if not what they first appear to be, as runaways Luke and Ellen are set to discover when seeking refuge in a seemingly derelict Victorian styled bathhouse, night watchman Martin opts to let them stay, much to their surprise. The kindness of a good Samaritan, or the act of a man with an ulterior motive in mind?

›› I Don't Care ‹‹

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a short film by Harry Wootliff
2010 | 25 mins | UK
a cry for sexual
and personal freedom.

As much a reflection on repressed sexuality, as a cry for freedom, this emotive piece showcases the life of Luka; a gifted artist yearning to explore life outside of his desolate home town, only to find himself the sole carer for his all but bedridden mother. That is until a free spirited tattoo artist sets out to show Luka the bloody reality of wild abandonment.

›› Spring ‹‹

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a short film by Hong Khaou
2011 | 13 mins | UK
getting more than you asked
for; S&M style.

Joe is out for kicks, but not just any sexual high. Rather this good looking gay boy has a masochistic side to his nature or so he thinks, having never subjected himself to his master's voice before. That is until he meets Tim; a sadistic player who is more than willing to teach his newfound slave a thing or two, whatever the sadomasochistic cost may turn out to be.

›› The Chef's Letter ‹‹

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a short film by Sybil H Mair
2008 | 14 mins | UK
a sublimely shot story
of telling attraction.

Coming out to the man you love, is never easy. Even more so when the object of your affection has no idea of the way you feel about him. Such is the situation that our chef extraordinaire finds himself in, opting to express his romantic self by way of a lettre d'amour. Yet and as every cook should know, things do not always go as planned, even with the right ingredients in place.

›› We Once Were Tide ‹‹

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a short film by Jason Bradbury
2011 | 18 mins | UK
just how do you
say goodbye?

In a work in which telling glances speak more than the laconic words of the piece, here we find gay boy Kyle in love with photography, as much as he is with his boyfriend, being more than happy to help lover Anthony out with the repetitive daily routine of caring for his terminally ill mother. Only in loving someone so much, just how do you say goodbye?

›› What You Looking At? ‹‹

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a short film by Faryal
2011 | 10 mins | UK
two differing individuals
are not so unalike.

From the director of Pictures of Zain comes this equally multi- cultural work, one that finds Faryal vividly contrast a woman dressed in a burka, with the glitz 'n' glam of a drag queen, namely two seemingly unalike minds who come to realize that they have more in common with each other, than what at first appeared, in this cinematic dissertation on intolerance.

›› Man and Boy ‹‹

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a short by Leon and McSweeney
2010 | 19 mins | UK
the dangers of taking justice
into your own hands.

In a flashback driven work, this powerful piece details how events can rapidly spiral out of control, when a father prone to violence suspects that his son has been sexually assaulted by the new tenant in the building. Rushing to confront the man without a jury in sight, events can only but go from bad to worse. Yet what really happened between the man and the boy?

›› Diana ‹‹

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a short film by Aleem Khan
2009 | 11 mins | UK
the raw emotions of the
transsexual heart and mind.

In a near wordless role, Neeraj Singh achingly delivers the inner soul of Mohit; a pre-op Indian transsexual who works the streets of London. It is a near silent performance conveyed as much through facial expressions, as by way of body language, as we come to witness a life changing experience in Mohit's day. An emotive short, as much about loss, as it is of finding.

›› Downing ‹‹

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a short film by Ben Peters
2010 | 16 mins | UK
a variant take on
the teenage party scene.

Cue the life of Scottish teen John, namely a boy totally at ease with his rainbow sexuality, to the point of offering the hand of support to his best friend Chloe, intent as she is on attending a house party full of straights, including homophobic host Daniel. Only in this tale of sexual retribution, what goes around, comes around, as the alpha male is set to discover.

Opting to explore the darker side of life, this British born and bred compilation offers a selection of quality short films, overflowing with narrative diversity and sexual
candour. Be that as it is however, it has to be said that and as well made the individual works are, compiled into one overall package, the result can be a bit on
the sombre, if not depressingly bleak side of life, as parental rejection, lost love and the freedom v duty role of a dutiful son take to the lavender screen.

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