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Boys on Film: Bad Romance

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Beginning in March 2009,
leading UK gay film distributor
Peccadillo Pictures released
the first of their critically
acclaimed Boys on Film series.

This, their seventh compilation
showcases ten short stories
that between them present a
seductive mix of dark desires
and sweet affection.

Overall Duration: 165 mins.

Out: 26.September.2011 / UK.

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›› Cappuccino ‹‹

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a short film by Tamer Ruggli
2010 | 16 mins | Switzerland
the raw reality of a gay
teenager's first crush.

Sweet, if somewhat cynical, this charming coming-of-age work charts the adolescent yearnings of Jérémie; a shy gay teen fixated on the good looks of his straight classmate Damien, but realistic enough to know that any chance of getting up close and personal with the man himself, is but the subject of sexual fantasy. Or perhaps not as the case could prove to be, in this well-executed tale of a gay teenager's first crush.

›› Curious Thing ‹‹

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a short film by Alain Hain
2010 | 9 mins | US
testing the boundaries of
a bromance styled friendship.

Based upon a set of true stories weaved together by writer Jason Mills, this part love story, part coming out and part documentary work sets out to examine the lives of gay men in NYC by in this opening part, exploring the growing bond between two men, both straight to the world, but equally aware of their burgeoning feelings for each other, emotions are set to test the boundaries of their friendship.

›› Just Friends? ‹‹

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a short by Kim Jho Kwang-soo
2009 | 29 mins | South Korea
an ever so sweet take
on boys in love.

This unapologetically tender tale tells the story of aspiring cook Seok-i who is in love with Min-su; a slightly older youth currently doing his service for his country, military style. Knowing that he cannot put off the inevitable army life for much longer, Seok-i goes out of his way to spend time with his man, visiting him on duty or opting for an overnight stay at the family home; just friends as far as mother dearest is concerned.

›› Cake and Sand ‹‹

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a short film by
Christoph Scheermann
2010 | 15 mins | Germany
the cost of keeping love alive.

Tim and Julianís relationship would seem to be the envy of many. Yet behind all the smiles and frowns of teaching your partner to drive, lies the reality that their relationship spark is no more. Knowing such, both are determined to re-light the romantic flame, only are their loving efforts to be in vain? Written and directed by Scheermann, this poignant piece raises the question of when exactly does love die?

›› Watch Over Me ‹‹

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a short film by Mysh Rozanov
2010 | 14 mins | Israel
a rollercoaster ride
of twist in the tale thrills.

In a short with a difference, Rozanov tells the story of Eitan; a soldier enlisted in an elite army unit. Close to completing his final training, Eitan is taken out by his team mates, only for their drinking session to be cut short upon the arrival of Shahar; an openly gay man. It is a situation that Eitanís superior turns to his advantage, challenging Eitan to queer bash Shahar. Only has Eitan got what it takes to earn his stripes?

›› The New Tenants ‹‹

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a short film
by Joachim Back
2009 | 20 mins | Denmark - US
the apartment move from hell.

Winner of the 2010 Academy® award for the Best Live Short, this dark humoured piece tells the story of lovers Frank and Peter and their first hours in their new apartment together. Down on their luck, things are about to get a lot worse, when their welcome committee consists of a noisy neighbour, a crazed husband, not to mention the local drug dealer. Having just moved in, can they make it out alive?

›› Mirrors ‹‹

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a short by Etienne Desrosiers
2007 | 14 mins | Canada
an elegant take on the first
stage of coming out.

Welcome to the world of Julien; a melancholic teenager who alongside his brother Antoine, arrive with their parents at the family lakeside holiday home. Only far from being at ease, Julien is soon rejecting offers to get up close and personal with the local girls, preferring instead the company of his musical neighbour Hervé and in turn his close friend / pianist. It is a friendship that is set to see Julien realise his path in life.

›› The Traitor ‹‹

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a short film by Tomer Velkoff
2009 | 14 mins | Israel
an alarming take
on when love turns cold.

What happens when love turns cold? Well in this dramatic, intimate, if somewhat alarming take on events, writer Olga Sitovotsky, alongside director and co-star Velkoff showcase your seemingly everyday loving couple Tomer and Shmulik. Yet not everything is what it appears to be, as over dinner Tomer announces his intent to move out. Only is Shmulik prepared to let his lover go, without putting up a fight?

›› Communication ‹‹

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a short by Christopher Banks
2010 | 20 mins | New Zealand
a telling work on life, love
and regret.

Told from the reflective mindset of Jacob, we encounter this young man as he finds himself bequeath the estate of his former university lecturer Andrew. Taking a tour of a property once visited, memories come flooding back as objects on display vividly recall times past spent with a man only too happy to court the affections of a youth, struggling to reconcile his religious and sexual callings in life.

›› The Strange Ones ‹‹

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a short by Radcliff & Wolkstein
2011 | 14 mins | US
the story of a teen with
an unanswered tale to tell.

A man and a boy walk a lonely highway, until the boy chances upon a free swim courtesy of the outdoor amenities of a roadside motel, unaware that a female member of staff is watching them. Making her acquaintance, a faulty drinks machine takes up most of the time of the man, leaving the boy alone with the girl to tell her his alarming take of life on the road; a tale that differs to that told by the man.

Opting to explore the darker side of love, this collection of short films alternates between dark desires and sweet affection. Some of the works arrive with a twist
in their tale, whilst others are somewhat low in gay visibility, if high in humanity. All however are well made, some extremely so, with as ever a varied tone
to be had; from high camp and sweet romance, to acts of bloody violence and regret, being a sure case of something for everyone.

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