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Boys on Film 5

Beginning in March 2009,
leading UK gay film distributor
Peccadillo Pictures released
the first of their critically
acclaimed Boys on Film series.

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Boys on Film 5

This, their fifth compilation
showcases nine Boys will be
short films, from differing
continents and celebrated
film festivals.

Overall Duration: 147 mins.
Available: October 2010.

›› Candy Boy ‹‹

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a short by Pascal-Alex Vincent
2007 | 13 mins | France
an animated tale of first love
served with a political punch.

From French director Pascal-Alex Vincent comes this animated tale with a sermon attached to it, given its charts the trying times of those at Saint Marieís Orphanage. From a Mother Superior who is deaf to the complaints raised against its chief benefactor, to that of the sweet leader of the orphaned pack; one Candy Boy whose position is under threat from new arrival and all round rebel figure Samy. Only can they ...

›› Twoyoungmen, UT ‹‹

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a short film by Sam McConnell
2009 | 17 mins | US
a short road movie about life
and finding your place in it.

Venturing into a gay bar for the second time in his student life, vulnerable Will finds himself the object of attention from the over confident hunk behind the bar; a young man named Eli who promptly invites Will to a party held along the breathtaking Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. Only Eli is not all he appears to be. For a start - heís straight, prone to hustling and the son of the boss. Or is he? Given the only fact thatís certain is that ...

›› Blokes - aka Block ‹‹

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a short film by Marialy Rivas
2010 | 15 mins | Chile
a coming-of-age styled
Chilean history lesson.

At first this poignant short looks nothing more than the sweet tale of an innocent teenage crush. Namely the story of Chilean teen Luchito and that of his increasing obsession with the body of a slightly older youth who lives in the apartment block opposite his, forever to be had shining a light in the direction of his object of desire's bedroom window, in the hope of catching a glimpse of Manuel naked, perhaps even ...

›› Last Call ‹‹

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a short film by Nick Corporon
2009 | 18 mins | US
a compelling tale of a last
chance saloon for love.

Have you ever had any regrets about love? Well in this poignant gem of a short film from director Nick Corporon, star of the show Gavin getís a chance to re-live three memories he shared with the love of his life Mark, courtesy of a mysterious bartender who somehow knows just too much about his alcoholic past and the fate of his relationship with his ex-boyfriend. Only does fate have another card left to play?

›› Go Go Reject ‹‹

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a short film by Michael J Saul
2010 | 20 mins | US
an inspired send-up of the
Go Go scene.

Have you ever dreamed a dream? Well in this joyous short Yogurt World employee Daniel Ferguson dreams of a career as the Jennifer Beals of the male Go Go Dancing scene; after all he knows how to move far more than the prime cuts of static man-beef on stage at his local gay bar. Yet therein lies his problem, given his thin as a rake physique promptly results with Daniel becoming a Go Go Reject. Undaunted by his ...

›› David ‹‹

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a short film by Roberto Fiesco
2005 | 15 mins | Mexico
a laconic encounter between
two men of varying age.

Here director and co-writer Roberto Fiesco places the spotlight on love and age in this touching story about out of work businessman José who in looking for employment in the city, finds instead David; a much younger man who whilst mute, has no problem in communicating his desire for sex. Prompting a visit to a local hotel of dubious merit, the two engage in the act and thereafter part, having expressed their ...

›› Far West ‹‹

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a short by Pascal-Alex Vincent
2003 | 17 mins | France
coming out,
Western style.

Cue the life of dance student Eric, aka Ricky to his friends; a out and proud urban teen who is forced to act hetero when he finds himself having to spend a week on his grandfatherís farm. Clearly bored by his grand- fatherís rustic ways, let alone the rural lifestyle, Rickyís sole reason not to cut short his closeted stay is courtesy of the manly physique of resident labourer Jean-Didier. Taking refuge in sexual fantasies ...

›› Sweat ‹‹

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a short film by John Lochland
2008 | 15 mins | UK
is everyone looking for sex
on the gay sauna scene?

From the changing rooms to the steam rooms, this sweaty, sexy short showcases the gay sauna scene through the eyes of newbie to the practice Simon. Getting eyed up along the corridors, he strikes up a nervous conversation with handsome Tim, together with Patrick; a sexually confident seventeen-year-old who as Tiger to his clients, knows the scene literally for what itís worth. Only in an environment in ...

›› James ‹‹

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a short film by Connor Clements
2008 | 17 mins | UK
a poignant take on the
coming out process.

This moving short focuses on the plight of a teenage boy who is to be found satisfying his gay curiosity courtesy of the local amenities. Clearly coming to terms with his sexuality, lone- some James is in urgent need of being open to someone about his inner feelings. Only with warring fractions on the home front, who can he turn to; his literature tutor Mr Sutherland or a cottaging stranger who may want more than just the odd ...

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