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Boys on Film 4 - Protect Me From What I Want

Beginning in March 2009,
leading UK gay film distributor
Peccadillo Pictures released
the first of their critically
acclaimed Boys on Film series.

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Boys on Film 4 - Protect Me From What I Want

This, their fourth compilation
showcases nine short films
linked by way of boys letting
their desires, at times, get
the better of them!

Overall Duration: 149 mins.
Available: April 2010.

›› Steam ‹‹

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a short film by Eldar Rapaport
2009 | 15 mins | US
a homosexual heaven
or spiritual hell.

Set within the claustrophobic atmosphere of a steam room, this accomplished short finds two men whose dread of confined spaces is not whatís on their minds. Well not at first, as these strangers in the night are soon to be seen getting acquainted with each other in ways that go beyond the call of duty. But whose calling is it, when one of the men is clearly one of those, whilst the other is without doubt one of them?

Protect Me from What I Want

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a short film by Dominic Leclerc
2009 | 14 mins | UK
a touching boys first time

Fans of Elliott Tittensor of Shameless fame will no doubt delight in this British short that sees Tittensor plays Daz; a gay scally on the look out for some man-on-man action, only to find himself attracted to Saleem; a young Muslim hardly out to himself, let alone open to the thought of gay sex. Only as a council bed-sit sees Daz instruct Saleem in the art of man sex, could it be that Saleem has a lesson to teach Daz?

›› Heiko ‹‹

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a short film by David Bonneville
2008 | 13 mins | Portugal
a decidedly dark tale
of fetish disrespect.

With a summary line that reads "a carefree young man really puts his foot in it with his obsessive lover," the nature of this short is all but obvious. For this is but a surreal ode to foot fetishes, one in which writer and director David Bonneville plays power game style, only to take an abrupt right turn in the closing frames to deliver a shocking twist to his well- executed tale. Thankfully Jaime Freitas as Heiko, namely the ...

›› Postmortem ‹‹

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a short film by Eldar Rapaport
2004 | 16 mins | US
a spark of romance
still simmers for ex-lovers.

In a story that I dare say many will be more than familiar with, we witness ex-lovers Troy and Thomas meeting up for a coffee and chat years after a traumatic break-up, only to discover that a spark of romance still simmers below the surface. This accomplished short is in many ways unique, given the story was written specifically to accompany the music, rather than what is custom. It all began when Rapaport was ...

›› My Name is Love ‹‹

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a short film by David Färdmar
2008 | 20 mins | Sweden
an insightful work on
the issue of male rape.

With a spoiler warning firmly in place, this well-executed short from writer and director David Färdmar begins as the tender tale of a shy young literature studentís search for a soul mate, being Love by name and love by nature, only to end up as an insightful work on the issue of male rape. For here Färdmar has added a series of telling points on how sexual violation needs to be reported, when a NO should be a NO.

›› Wrestling ‹‹

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a short film by G. Hákonarson
2007 | 21 mins | Iceland
love within the macho world
of Glima male wrestling.

For those hoping for some homoerotic styled wrestling here then Iím sorry to disappoint you, for this Scandinavian tale is anything but sexy. Indeed if this is an accurate reflection of Nordic times, then the rural fields of Iceland are in urgent need of some tender loving care, gay style. For that would greatly aid star of the show Denni, namely a championship wrestler who has grown tired of sharing the man he loves ...

›› Breath ‹‹

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a short film by Margien Rogaar
2007 | 10 mins | Netherlands
a sweet tale of a teenage
boysí first crush.

As sweet as honey on a warm summer day, this laid-back tale from the Netherlands refreshingly casts aside the mindset of am I gay?, to focus instead on the story of a teenage boysí first crush. For twelve-year-old Erik finds himself increasingly attracted to the physical frame of Arend; the father of his best friend Sofie. Trouble is, Sofie has the hots for him, by way of an invitation to Erik to join father and ...

›› Vandals ‹‹

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a short film by Simon Steuri
2008 | 17 mins | Switzerland
a raw, graffiti styled depiction
of gay love.

This graffiti styled depiction of gay love focuses on the leader of a gang of street artists, a man more concerned with putting on a hetero face to the outside world, than showing affection in the direction of his boyfriend. Tired of their closeted relationship, Johannes finally heads for the door, paint sprays packed. Only can graffiti draw them back together? In a work in which the masked identities of the graffiti artists, is but ...

›› Trevor ‹‹

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a short film by Peggy Rajski
1994 | 23 mins | US
a sensitive short dealing with
self acceptance, against suicide.

As a work with a serious message, namely one of self worth, this sensitive short pulls at the heartstrings by illustrating fourteen-year-old Trevorís Dear Diary confessions, ones that speak of his love of the theatre, a-liking for the music of Diana Ross and a particular fondness for his best friend Pinky. Yet Pinky is straight and when word spreads that Trevor is different, is anyone listening to his cries for help? Joint winner of the ...

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