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Boys on Film 3

Beginning in March 2009,
leading UK gay film distributor
Peccadillo Pictures released
the first of their critically
acclaimed Boys on Film series.

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Boys on Film 3

This, their third compilation
showcases seven short films
that reveal that there is
more to these American
boys, than meets the eye.

Overall Duration: 133 mins.
Available: November 2009.

›› Dare ‹‹

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a short film by Adam Salky
2005 | 16 mins | US
dare you fall in love
with Mr Straight?

Closet homo and all round outsider Ben has the hots for his hetero classmate Johnny. Yet the only time that the two spend together is by way of rehearsals for the school production of A Streetcar Named Desire. Yet even in the lighting gallery, Ben can hear a fluffed word or two and when Johnny misses his cue again, Ben's offer of help extends to more than just reminding Johnny of his lines. Simmering with ...

›› In The Closet ‹‹

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a short film by Jody Wheeler
2008 | 14 mins | US
a one-nighter, like
no other.

Seasoned one-nighter Griffin cannot believe his luck when his latest pickup turns out to be a real boys first time cutie, over eager to date "anything other than his five fingers." But worry not, as Griffin will break the boy in gently, along the way making sure that it will be a night that sex starved Press will not forget. Yet are the tables about to be turned, when Griffin finds himself going back in the closet - only not as us boys know it!

›› Area X ‹‹

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a short film by Dennis Shinners
2007 | 15 mins | US
a wide-eyed boy gets captivated
by a seductive hustler.

Ending up at a run down bar in New York City, Paul aka Ron to strangers, soon finds himself the object of attention of Marco; a seductive hustler who after a beer or two, takes Ron in to the back room - up close and personal style. Only what specific part of this young mans’ body is street wise Marco really interested in? Cited as being the story of a father who takes his gay son to a seedy motel in order to make him a man, this ...

›› The Young and Evil ‹‹

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a short film by Julian Breece
2008 | 15 mins | US
a poignant piece on the rise
in the HIV infection rate.

This poignant piece sees writer and director Julian Breece deliver a thought provoking sermon on AIDS, only not in any shape or form as previously seen. For here Breece tells the story of Karel Andrews; a promiscuous HIV negative African-American who rather than rejoice in his status, is on a mission to get infected by way of his seduction of an older HIV position man, turned prevention advocate. Although as to why ...

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›› Dish :) ‹‹

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a short film by Brian Krinsky
2009 | 15 mins | US
dishing the sex text dirt on
adolescent sexual awakening.

More concerned with his hair than helping his sister out in the local store, gay teen Israel is forever found sexting his best friend Louie, so as to dish the dirt on whose not a virgin anymore. And one thing’s for certain, Louie isn’t, prone as he is to boasting about his latest sexapades. Only when the opportunity arises for Israel to get intimate with Latino stud Ricky, is he prepared to finally raise to the occasion, or will ...

›› Bugcrush ‹‹

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a short film by Carter Smith
2006 | 36 mins | US
a terrifying take on gay love,
teenage crush style.

When the new kid on the block arrives in town, sweet natured Ben is unable to control his burgeoning fixation on man of mystery Grant, to the point of ignoring the be careful words of advice from best friend Amber. Only try telling Ben that, who having sneaked glances at the naked object of his desire in the school shower, jumps at the chance to have some fun with Grant and the boys. Only is this an invitation best said NO to?

›› Astoria, Queens ‹‹

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a short film by Kyle Coker
2009 | 22 mins | US
going for your dreams -
Astoria, Queens style.

With more running gags than what you can throw a joke writers scrapbook at, this updated outing of The Wizard of Oz scenario presents us with a sitcom snapshot of the lives of a group of Kansas City guys and gals, now living out their dreams in the city that’s so good they named it twice. Or to be more precise, trying to realise their goals in the neighbourhood of Astoria, Queens, NYC. The new Friends, the gay Friends maybe.


starring: Vaughn Lowery, Diana Jordan, Heather Halley,

Les ‘Eljay’ Jennings, Raja, Eric Pumphrey

and Mark Berry.

Written and directed by Julian Breece.

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