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Boys on Film 2

Beginning in March 2009,
leading UK gay film distributor
Peccadillo Pictures released
the first of their critically
acclaimed Boys on Film series.

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Boys on Film 2

This, their second compilation
showcases nine short films
featuring boys getting in too
deep, for their own good!

Overall Duration: 147 mins.
Available: August 2009.

›› Cowboy ‹‹

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a short film by Till Kleinert
2008 | 35 mins | Germany
a decidedly dark tale
of gay love.

When an estate agent scouting the German countryside for potential property gains, stumbles upon a rundown farm in the middle of no-where, it isn't long before the click of his camera, mirrors the cash register ringing in his mind. Yet to get the sale, he must first locate the owner, namely an uncommunicative farmhand who could well be the last of his line. Only who is this man of mystery and is he the last one standing?

›› Lucky Blue ‹‹

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a short film by Håkon Liu
2007 | 28 mins | Sweden
gay first love for those whose
words, don't come easy.

This delightfully laid-back piece tells the tale of teenager Olle’s first gay crush. Only it all revolves around karaoke, with karaoke King and Queen, Kjelle and Barbro ever keen on staging a show for their caravan style campers, regardless of whether they want it or not. Only this time around something is different. For could it be that the arrival of Kevin, Barbro's cute nephew, has inspired Olle to perform a song from the heart?

›› Weekend in the Country ‹‹

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a short film by Matthieu Salmon
2007 | 16 mins | France
man's best friend turns nasty
when rejection turns to revenge.

Fans of the work of rising French star Théo Frilet of Born in 68 credit, will no doubt be delighted to see Frilet star here as Pierre; a young man of melancholy mind whose hopes for a relaxing weekend in the countryside with his best friend Marc are cast to the mistral, when he comes to find Marc offering him the outstretched, but promptly shunned, hand of homosexual affection. Inviting Pierre for a swim thereafter ...

›› Kali Ma ‹‹

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a short film by Soman Chainani
2007 | 14 mins | India - US
retribution time for a homo-
phobic bully, Kali Ma style.

Part comedy, part thriller, this vibrant mix details an Indian mother busy preparing the evening meal, unaware that her student son is lying naked on the changing room floor, the victim of an attack at the hands of the homophobic school bully. Seeking refuge in his bedroom upon his return home, it isn't long before Kali Ma discovers the truth. Could it be that justice is about to be served Indian style? With a title that ...

›› Bramadero ‹‹

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a short film by Julián Hernández
2007 | 21 mins | Mexico
probably the most explicit short
you're ever likely to see.

Screened as part of the Investigating Desire programme at the 2009 LLGFF; the clue as to what is on offer here is both in the title and for that matter in the package, namely acts of desire. For this is the story of two mens' sexual encounter on a half-built skyscraper on the outskirts of Mexico City. In short, a rutting place for a pair of Mexican studs to strut their stuff in the form of a mating game, before acts of sexual ...

›› Love Bite ‹‹

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a short film by Craig Boreham
2008 | 3 mins | Australia
coming out, only not as
us boys know it.

Have you ever wanted to come out to your best friend, but just did not know how to? Well in this effective and ever so short, short, schools out, but Noah isn't, ever nervous to come clean with who he is in the direction of his best friend Gus. Only with Gus lying on the bed, chest exposed, poor Noah is kind of distracted from getting to the point and uttering those life changing words: there's something I need to tell you ...

›› The Island ‹‹

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a short film by Trevor Anderson
2009 | 6 mins | Canada
a gays only island -
a 'homo-utopia' or not?

Written, directed and performed by Trevor Anderson, this animated short is ironically thanks to a homophobic email that Anderson received suggesting that all gays should be "put on an island, so you can give each other AIDS." All of which got Anderson thinking - why not? For what if homo- sexuals had an island of their own? Exit gay ghetto and welcome to a 'homo-utopia' as- it-were; a tropical paradise ...

›› Futures (and Derivatives) ‹‹

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a short film by Arthur Halpern
2007 | 18 mins | US
the fairy godmother of
boardroom presentations.

When the toupee-attired director of Greylock Waller is forced to impress a client insistent on a bells and whistles presentation, none of his staff are up to the task in question. Frantic about losing a lucrative contract, head man Marty enlists the help of an overnight geek styled temp in order to deliver the fairy godmother of make it sing presentations. Only be careful what you ask for Marty, for it may just come true!

›› Working It Out ‹‹

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a short film by Tim Hunter
2007 | 6 mins | Australia
six sexy minutes
of sexual infidelity.

What is it with gay men, sex and gyms? Or should that be just men - full stop? For here Peter and Marcus' habitual after work workout is disrupted upon the arrival of Jeremy, a cute him who Marcus becomes convinced that his partner has, how you say - already done some one- on-one reps with! Only in working out where this gym bunny fits into their relationship, will the pair of lovers arrive at the right conclusion before ...

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