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Oh and just in case you were wondering what is my favourite overtly gay film? Well here, there's just too many to choose from.
As to my favourite covert gay film; well that has to be Ferzan Ozpetek's exquisite tale of homosexual self-discovery;
that is Hamam: The Turkish Bath. Simply wondrous.

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"an achingly realistic coming-of-age rural love story."

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›› Tonight It's You ‹‹   ›› We Could Be Parents ‹‹   ›› Away With Me ‹‹
2016 | 17 mins | US   2016 | 15 mins | Sweden   2015 | 11 mins | UK - France
Tense, menacing and downright creepy in parts, yet equally proudly gay to the core, this "cabin in the woods" styled short frankly plays like a feature with enough twists and turns to keep you well and truly entertained. Yet this is also a cautionary tale on the dangers of the anonymous online hook-up ›››   This downright earnest short vividly captures the inner turmoil of a man who finds himself alone in the world, his partner having left him when he found out that he was selling himself for sex. Yet what the film reveals is that his reason for doing so, was to raise money for the two to become parents ›››   There's a lush holiday feel to this short, one that finds Paolo jump at the offer to spend a long weekend in Nice, in spite of having only just met hunky Alex. Only this idealistic portrait of a summer romance arrives with a hint of trouble-at-t-mill, given something else is clearly going on beneath the surface ›››
›› When a Man Loves a Woman ‹‹   ›› Jamie ‹‹   ›› Follow Me ‹‹
2016 | 10 mins | UK   2016 | 9 mins | UK   2015 | 16 mins | Belgium
This comical short wondrously illustrates how sexual honesty is by far the best policy. Only that's the last thing gay boy Nick wants to do, having persuaded his best friend Amanda to pose as his girlfriend should the time ever arrive when his mother comes calling. And today is D-Day. Disaster day, that is ›››   This wondrous short film tells the story of Jamie; a young man not out to all of his family, if hardly anyone, seeking refuge instead in chatting to men online, that is until one day he plucks up the courage to meet with chat guy Ben in person. What follows is a beautifully natural depiction of the ›››   This enigmatic depiction of unrequited love finds aspiring artist Jasper madly in love with his art teacher. Overcome with longing, Jasper takes to stalking the man himself, even if it's all but clear that Gerard is straight, paired up with his girlfriend at an art museum. Somehow, it has to stop, only ›››
›› Heavy Weight ‹‹   ›› Golden ‹‹   ›› I Love Hooligans ‹‹
2016 | 13 mins | UK   2015 | 3 mins | Germany   2013 | 13 mins | Netherlands - Belgium
Well-played throughout, this short charts the life of Paris; a skilled fighter whose standing as the King of the Ring is suddenly under threat upon the arrival of tough Irish newcomer Connor. The two instantly connect, but it's obvious there's something else going on between them, something that neither ›››   Packing a lot of life's goalposts into its brief duration, this is but a compelling cinematic testament to being different as told through the eyes of a young man; from his birth through his teenage years to his student days, only through it all he knows that he's 'different' to those around him: for he is ›››   In this powerful animated tale, a lost soul sacrifices his very being for the game of football. It's a passion that overrides all; suppressing his homosexuality so as to blend in with the macho culture of those around him. Longing to be his true self, yet knowing he never can, he's left permanently ›››
›› Tapette - The Mousetrap ‹‹   ›› One Night Only ‹‹   ›› Walk with Me ‹‹
2016 | 25 mins | France   2017 | 10 mins | Australia   2016 | 15 mins | US
Few countries do screwball comedies as well as the French do and this short film from co-writer, director and star of the show Satya Dusaugey is an hilarious example of the genre. For here Dusaugey casts himself as hapless builder Michel, who incensed by a comment that he could be gay ›››   There's a lovely moral take to this uplifting short that speaks of being true to yourself and not just in terms of sexuality. It's that dilemma that all-round cutie Tyler finds himself in, when in gatecrashing a party with his best friend Erica, he's invited to the bedroom for some serious man-sex ›››   This enchanting ode to romance begins with lonesome Eric out walking his dog Harvey, only to bump into the sexually confident Ryan. Staring into each other's eyes for that second longer than a casual glance, Ryan on the spur of the moment asks Eric to "walk with me" on the pretence of ›››
›› Pria - Man ‹‹   ›› Naked ‹‹   ›› Un Mundo para Raúl ‹‹
2017 | 22 mins | Indonesia   2013 | 29 mins | Sweden   2012 | 14 mins | Mexico
Set in rural Indonesia, this heartfelt short bravely shines the spotlight on arranged marriages within the Muslim community and in particular those gay teenagers seemingly caught in the trap of longing to explore their true sexuality; yet knowing they must honour tradition. For it's that oxymoron ›››   Straight to the world students Erik and Anthony are forced to come to terms with their newfound sexuality after a night of off-screen alcohol-infused passion. Both have girlfriends and yet whilst Anthony accepts that he's no longer who he thought he was, Erik is clinging to his heterosexual façade ›››   Focusing on the bond between farmers' son Raúl and Hernán; the son of a wealthy landowner, this short begins as a tender tale of friendship, only to turn decidedly dark when a dip in the pool reveals a different side to Hernán's nature, as the young man knowingly takes sexual advantage of ›››
›› The Violation ‹‹   ›› Nightstand ‹‹   ›› Trouser Bar ‹‹
2013 | 13 mins | US   2015 | 26 mins | UK   2016 | 20 mins | UK
Closeted but clearly gay, 15-year-old Mickey Dougherty has the hots for his next door neighbour Oscar. And as fate would have it, Oscar also has a crush on the Dougherty household, only in the direction of Mickey's sister Tina; love triangle fashion. Yet this doesn't stop Mickey from spying on him ›››   This is but a poignant exploration of the two-edged sword that is sexual longing and self-loathing. Not that Ramsey is anything other than out and proud, his shift as a barman in a Soho club bringing him in contact with middle-aged Rob; a married man who with his wife away is only too keen to spend ›››   No words are needed in this comical take of a London gentlemen's outfitters in 1976 and a clientele with a love of corduroy, leather and men in ever so tight fitting trousers. In short, this is a naughty but nice send-up of times that were, as staff and patrons are soon to be found with their trousers off ›››
›› CrossRoad ‹‹   ›› Dawn ‹‹   ›› Putting on the Dish ‹‹
2016 | 11 mins | UK   2016 | 13 mins | UK   2015 | 6 mins | UK
This exhilarating rollercoaster ride of emotions charts the highs and the lows in the life of Liam; a young man wrecked with confusion after an incident that forces him to make choices that will change his life forever. Told partly in flashback and almost without dialogue, you're kind of left filling in ›››   This in essence is the story of how two strangers bond with each other, whilst waiting for the early morning bus. Only there's more to the narrative than that, given young and lonely Will is partially blind to the world, whilst Dawn is running away from home. A fact that Will is set to discover ›››   How's your Polari? Well mine's nowhere as articulate as the two men here, who strangers to each other, soon strike up a conversation on a park bench in the popular tongue used by many a gay man before homosexuality was, in part, decriminalised in Britain in 1967. And therein lies the ›››
›› Morning is Broken ‹‹   ›› Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale ‹‹   ›› Ceramic Tango ‹‹
2015 | 10 mins | UK   2016 | 20 mins | UK   2013 | 10 mins | Canada
When is a kiss wanted, ever yearned for and yet seen as the confirmation of a sexuality that you would rather not have defined. Such is the situation that Sam finds himself in, when at his brother's wedding he meets Nick, who like himself has a-liking for vintage cars. Only that's not all they have in common ›››   Here we find two men, strangers to each other, running for their lives in a gay sauna overrun with flesh eating zombies. Yes, it's a return to the gay zombie horror genre, as resident hunk Jacob, namely a narcissist who delights in turning down the advances of those below his sexual benchmark ›››   Both disturbing, yet equally captivating, this psychological horror tells how after receiving some disturbing news, a young man spirals into a deep depression, only to become vulnerable to the will of a dangerous intruder. Yet there's a lot more to it, than that. Written by Charles Hall and wonderfully played ›››
›› Sports! ‹‹   ›› My Brother the Devil ‹‹   ›› The Definition of Lonely ‹‹
2018 | 5 mins | US   2012 | 111 mins | UK   2015 | 14 mins | UK
This well-played short charts the relationship between two flatmates; one obviously out to the world and the other who just wants to play some basketball with his teammate. Yet this is more than just a stereotypical take on a gay boy gate-crashing the sports field, given there's a touching twist to this tale ›››   Daring to mix homosexuality within the macho world of East End gang culture, this striking debut feature from writer and director Sally El Hosaini follows the lives of brothers Rashid and Mo; British Arabs seemingly unable to escape the local drug dealing ways. That is until Rashid meets ›››   This wondrous play on the 'odd couple' scenario tells the story of an introverted young man seemingly content with his lot; be it one that sees him pass his lonely hours away by watching others enjoying a life that he can but dream of. That is until a stray dog brings its OTT owner to his attention ›››
›› G O'Clock ‹‹   ›› The Way He Looks ‹‹   ›› Sign ‹‹
2016 | 11 mins | UK   2014 | 92 mins | Brazil   2016 | 15 mins | US
Sharply written and directed by Mitchell Marion, this makes for a wake-up call to the dangers of the so-called 'party drug' GHB. It's a reality that gay paramedic Alex is all too aware of, having rushed to save the life of yet another young man overdosed on GHB. Only Alex is a user himself ›››   This joyous ode to falling in love is as warm and tender as the award-winning short upon which it is based. So once again we are treated to the story of Leo; a 17-year-old blind teenager who finds himself having to deal with the emotions of his best friend Giovana and new-boy-in-town Gabriel ›››   This compelling short tells the story of how when cutie Ben summons up the courage to talk to Aaron at their local Manhattan subway station, he's surprised to find that Aaron is deaf. In short and what at first appears to be just another variant on the boy-meets-boy theme, is in reality anything but. For ›››
›› God's Own Country ‹‹   ›› Wild Awakening ‹‹   ›› Kiss Me Softly ‹‹
2017 | 100 mins | UK   2016 | 93 mins | Spain   2012 | 16 mins | Belgium
This achingly realistic coming-of-age love story tells the tale of how gay boy Johnny numbs the daily grind of working long hours on the family farm with a heavy mix of binge-drinking and casual man-sex, that is until Romanian migrant Gheorghe forces him to face up to the responsibilities of life ›››   Played like a cross between melodrama and a Spanish gay themed soap opera, this entertaining mix of high camp and homoerotica tells the story of all-round cutie Toni, who along with his sister Emma run a riding school, that is when Toni's not out getting up close and personal with ›››   This variant of the coming out scenario finds a family all but blind to the fact that their son Jasper is habitually bullied at school just for being gay. Not that his father's views would seemingly be any different, fixated as he is on his career as a Schlager styled folk singer whose closing number Kiss Me Softly ›››
›› Pittsburgh ‹‹   ›› Dinner Confession ‹‹   ›› Spilt Milk ‹‹
2013 | 18 mins | US   2015 | 12 mins | Taiwan   2016 | 23 mins | UK
There's a real sense of intimacy in this short film from writer and director Rory Dering. Indeed, it's as if you're eavesdropping on the private conversation between two men. Then again, this is all but a two-man play; albeit one in which both of its players are deaf and for the main part subtitles fill the screen ›››   During an evening meal a mother confesses to her son to tidying up his bedroom, duly asking him if there's any secret he's hiding from her, upon the discovery of a muscle magazine. Only that's not the true confession of the piece, as the son's boyfriend is soon to arrive and in a twist to the coming out ›››   This variant take on the theme of unrequited love finds Scarlett falling for her best friend Frankie; a teenager who as a boy came to her rescue and so began their deep bond. Only Frankie is gay, his close friendship with Scarlett complicated by burgeoning feelings of the trans variety. All of which culminate ›››
›› Dawn ‹‹   ›› Talking to My Mother ‹‹   ›› Cigano - Gypsy ‹‹
2012 | 11 mins | US   2014 | 18 mins | US   2013 | 18 mins | Portugal
This brutal, yet equally telling short explores prejudice; be it race or sexual. And it all began on an evening commute on the subway when Afro-American Tye detects, or rather thinks he does, racism from another passenger's glance. Opting to follow the man home to get to the heart of the matter ›››   Beautifully constructed, if overly sentimental, this nevertheless makes for a poignant look at the relationship between a mother and son. Yet it's more than that, given this is a work all about being true to yourself and moreover to those close to you; be it to your mother, or be it to your intended fiancée ›››   There's an acute sense of menace in this accomplished short from writer and director David Bonneville, one that finds a wealthy young man with a flat tire accept help from a Gypsy passer-by, only for Zé-Tó to expect Sebastian to give him a ride home in return. In short, this two-man thriller is but a ›››
›› title still courtesy of the short film HUMAN WARMTH by Christophe Prédari ‹‹

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