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"a beautifully told tale of burgeoning sexuality".

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›› Ajar - Entreabierto ‹‹   ›› Before It's Too Late ‹‹   ›› Seat Belt ‹‹
2018 | 11 mins | Uruguay   2019 | 15 mins | Brazil   2018 | 25 mins | Mexico
a captivating exploration of male friendship
and sexuality.
  a powerful take on coming out in the face
of presidential prejudice.
  a compelling picture of gay parenthood
and grief.
›› Summer Storm ‹‹   ›› Love, Simon ‹‹   ›› The Broken Hearts Club ‹‹
2004 | 98 mins | Germany   2018 | 110 mins | US   2000 | 94 mins | US
a captivating variant on the theme
of coming out.
  a bright 'n' breezy romantic
coming out comedy.
  a romantic comedy that just happens
to be gay.
›› I Am Yet to Make You a Love Song ‹‹   ›› Carlito Leaves Forever ‹‹   ›› Pray for Us ‹‹
2015 | 15 mins | Brazil   2018 | 8 mins | Peru   2019 | 16 mins | Costa Rica
a bittersweet ode to love found
and ultimately lost.
  a deeply moving work on having to say
goodbye to say hello to love.
  a captivating thriller on the
rights and wrongs of life.
›› Mila Caos ‹‹   ›› The Good Friend - El Amigo ‹‹   ›› Unicorn - Unicornio ‹‹
2011 | 18 mins | Cuba   2017 | 19 mins | Peru   2014 | 30 mins | Bolivia
a wondrous insight into the life of an
aspiring Cuban drag queen.
  a captivating exploration of
male friendship.
  a powerful work on religious fundamentalism
and the ingrained homophobia therein.
›› Billy's Blowjobs ‹‹   ›› I Think I'm Gay? ‹‹   ›› You Can Play ‹‹
2017 | 17 mins | US   2019 | 18 mins | US   2015 | 19 mins | US
a moving portrait of a man too afraid
to fall in love again.
  a comical take on to thy ownself,
being true.
  the courage to show your best friend
your true sexual self.
›› Two Fish ‹‹   ›› The Legend of Scotty Watts ‹‹   ›› These Things Take Time ‹‹
2017 | 11 mins | US   2017 | 11 mins | US   2018 | 20 mins | US
a joyous ode to coming to terms with
your sexuality - gradually.
  a bittersweet take on teenage
  a wondrous take on a young boy's
first crush.
›› PD - FAG ‹‹   ›› Guardian ‹‹   ›› Debut ‹‹
2019 | 35 mins | France | FreeView   2018 | 15 mins | US   2016 | 28 mins | Sweden
a captivating testament to having the
courage to be your sexual self.
  a deeply touching portrait of a
mother's unconditional love.
  an achingly real depiction of the
lust for fame and fortune.
›› Johnny ‹‹   ›› Wolves ‹‹   ›› Uneven ‹‹
2018 | 26 mins | France   2016 | 20 mins | UK   2016 | 7 mins | Mexico
a modern day take on falling in love
with the bad boy in town.
  a wondrous ode to compassion
for your fellow man.
  an old sock falls in love with
an attractive young man.
›› Get Real ‹‹   ›› Pride ‹‹   ›› Handsome Devil ‹‹
1998 | 108 mins | UK   2014 | 120 mins | UK   2016 | 95 mins | Ireland
a refreshingly honest depiction of
getting real with your sexuality.
  a captivating exploration of how two differing communities united to support each other.   a life-affirming work on the true
value of friendship.
›› Leave of Absence ‹‹   ›› After His Death ‹‹   ›› Stav ‹‹
2016 | 17 mins | Israel   2017 | 11 mins | Israel   2018 | 10 mins | Israel
When the perfect peroxide blonde turns out to be anything but, Meir, a history teacher on leave, chances upon three of his former students who persuade him to take part in an unofficial video shoot they're doing at the local swimming pool. At first reluctant to go along with them, Meir delights the youths ›››   When a gay daughter mourning the loss of her father discovers a series of photos of her father with another man, she goes out of her way to seek out her father's male lover, much against the wishes of her mother who knew of the affair, but opted to keep it hidden from her family - until now ›››   Desperately searching for a teen in her care, a youth volunteer worker finds her life turned upside down when she finally locates Stav in the darkened backstreets of the city, only to find that he has no interest in being found; being more concerned with turning tricks in the middle of the night. In short ›››
›› Rubber Dolphin ‹‹   ›› A Trip to the Desert ‹‹   ›› Three ‹‹
2018 | 28 mins | Israel   2016 | 12 mins | Israel   2018 | 22 mins | Israel
This striking short film has a sensuous feeling of intimacy to it, which is just as well as it follows the lives of two 20-something men, who meet for a one-night stand that gradually develops into a stay-over, as the two get to know each other in ways that go beyond sex. Well-played throughout ›››   When their best friend Yossi gets lost in the desert, openly gay Lior and deeply religious Elad set out to find him, only for their quest to reveal how they truly feel about each other, as a series of long suppressed home truths, if not outright prejudice, come out in the open. And therein lies the bitter irony ›››   When a night out clubbing finds Nimrod flirting with a part-time life model, his partner Udi is furious and all too hesitant to go along with his boyfriend's proposal to have a threesome. Only what happens when the night after finds your lover yearning to be in the company of - the other man? ›››
›› Le Clan ‹‹   ›› Like It Is ‹‹   ›› Monsoon ‹‹
2004 | 90 mins | France   1998 | 95 mins | UK   2019 | 85 mins | UK
Tormented soul Marc spends his days both rebelling against his father and hanging out with his dysfunctional group of friends. Yet his reckless life is brought into focus upon the arrival of his ex-con brother Christophe and his younger sibling whose in love with Arabian hunk Hicham. Only when Marc ›››   This uncompromising feature follows the life of Craig; a young man who knows that his sexuality is hardly one to shout about when his chosen career is the squared circle and the illegal dens of bare-knuckle boxing. Not that it was on the underground boxing circuit where he met Matt; rising star of the ›››   Officially returning to Vietnam to scatter his parents ashes, thirty-or-so years after they fled the country as refugees, life for Kit becomes complicated when a one-night stand turns into anything but. Realizing that he's fallen in love with American fashion designer Lewis, yet knowing that in a few ›››
›› Surveillance ‹‹   ›› Ladyboy ‹‹   ›› Swans - Svans ‹‹
2007 | 87 mins | UK   2011 | 30 mins | Denmark   2016 | 18 mins | Denmark
This perceptive take on the ever increasing surveillance state finds gay boy Adam getting more than he bargained for when his one-night stand turned out to be Jake; the son of a media mogul and boyfriend to ... well, that would be saying, but put it this way, there could well be blue blood in ›››   There's something quite endearing about this short film that tells the story of the close bond between a gay transvestite and his devoted mother. Only when Kristian's mother Emma falls for the charming but alcoholic Søren; a man rooted in prejudice, Kristian is soon to find that there's little space left ›››   This thought-provoking short film focuses on the life of Aksel; a young man who loves nothing more than to hang out with his fellow teammates who are as much into football, as they're into girls. Yet Aksel has a secret, given he's in a sexual relationship with Alexander; a youth who's not just open ›››
›› Young Man's Dance ‹‹   ›› Poz ‹‹   ›› Hotel Boy ‹‹
2014 | 12 mins | Denmark   2016 | 24 mins | Denmark   2018 | 12 mins | Denmark
Mattis' love of life is ballroom dance. Yet it's an interest that's not shared by his father. Alone and dejected, he seeks solace in the arms of his dance tutor; a man well aware of the boundaries of the student / teacher relationship. Yet what is he to do with a pupil determined to break them? This sexual ›››   Oliver and Cilie have a special bond, one that goes far beyond your typical brother / sister relationship. Yet what does Cilie really know about her brother, given this is a man who would rather be out hunting for sex of the no strings and no condom attached variety, than attend her birthday party ›››   Samir; an openly gay youth is in love with a man almost twice his age. Yet their nights of passion are forever held behind closed doors, given the object of his desire is Stefan Schmidt; a respected politician who is keen to keep their relationship a secret. Only is Stefan about to discover that this boy's ›››
›› 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten ‹‹   ›› Maurice ‹‹   ›› Departure ‹‹
2016 | 95 mins | Philippines   1987 | 140 mins | UK   2015 | 109 mins | UK
Felix is the top boy in his class, if not the entire school, having sacrificed friendship to become the model pupil. That is until new boy in class Magnus, alongside his younger brother Maxim, arrive. At first hesitant and then overly keen to help them with their failing grades, things are destined to turn ›››   As much in love with the edification of Cambridge life, as he is attracted to fellow undergraduate Clive Durham, Maurice is about to face the harsh reality of unrequited love from a man intent on social conformity. Yet it's a stay on the Durhams' estate that brings Maurice in contact with a man who ›››   Returning to their holiday home in France for the last time, Beatrice and her teenage son Elliot are faced with the daunting task of clearing it out. Only in a home filled with so many memories, perhaps it's of no surprise that they find themselves easily distracted upon the arrival of Clément; a youth who ›››
›› 1985 ‹‹   ›› Skai Blue ‹‹   ›› Petit Ami ‹‹
2018 | 85 mins | US   2017 | 17 mins | Belgium   2017 | 15 mins | Belgium
Returning to the family home for Christmas after having made a swift exit for the bright lights of New York City, ad executive Adrian Lester is a man on a mission, given he knows that he has to somehow find the right moment to say things that need to be said. And said, before it's too late to say them ›››   Tom; a lonely, middle-aged man searching for companionship and more chances upon Simon; dating app fashion. Meeting in person, their passionate encounter is swiftly followed by the promise of a burgeoning relationship. Yet Simon has a secret; he's a Cameroon refugee; a fact that forces ›››   This is the story of rent boy Jasper, happy to service the sexual needs of his clients, even on Christmas Day. Turning up at a seedy hotel called Petit Ami, Jasper gets down to basics with Vincent, only for the man to have a secret, one that Jasper is curious to discover. In many ways your heart kind ›››
›› Beast - Séptimo ‹‹   ›› Hardcore ‹‹   ›› According to Mateo ‹‹
2011 | 24 mins | Sweden   2016 | 8 mins | Israel   2017 | 19 mins | Spain
This captivating short film tells the story of Vincent; a young man with a secret, one that has forced him to stay away from those he loves, if not from love itself. Yet he has fallen in love, an emotion so intense that neither he nor Gustav can help themselves from seeing each other - whatever the chilling cost be ›››   This cautionary tale on the dangers of the anonymous hook-up tells the story of two young Israelis up for a threesome, only to find themselves spending the night with a German tourist who happens to be into everything - they aren't. Curious to know what's next in the Germans' bag of tricks ›››   Mateo and his boyfriend Marc arrive back at their flat, alongside date for the night Luke for a threesome. Yet shortly after getting down to sexual basics, Mateo heads out into the night. Chancing upon Jon, the local drug dealer; the two get to know each other in ways that turn decidedly dark ›››
›› Thirst ‹‹   ›› High Tide - Stille Dorst ‹‹   ›› Junk ‹‹
2017 | 8 mins | UK   2018 | 22 mins | Netherlands   2011 | 24 mins | UK
This contemplative piece charts one man's intense longing to find true love. For tired of repeated one-night stands that seemingly go nowhere, this is a man who begins to question not what's wrong with every man he meets, but rather what's wrong with him? Played direct-to-camera, the result is a ›››   This beautifully told tale of burgeoning sexuality finds devoted father Tarik escaping from the tribulations of his impending divorce in a rented holiday home, only to discover that his hot shower is without water. Enlisting the help of Jonas; the owner of the cottage, the two strangers soon realize that they ›››   This uncompromising work tells the story of Tat; a young gay teen who would rather face the hardship of life on the streets, than living under the same roof with the homophobic partner of his mother. Yet he's not the only one homeless, having paired up with Jack; a teenager who's his on / off boyfriend ›››
›› Only What You Need To Know About Me ‹‹   ›› Bootyful ‹‹   ›› My Mother's Lovers ‹‹
2018 | 15 mins | Brazil   2019 | 13 mins | France   2018 | 22 mins | Mexico
This bittersweet work on to thy ownself, being true, follows the burgeoning friendship between striking redhead Laura and cutie Fábio, teens whose love of skateboarding forms the bond between them that keeps on getting stronger. Yet something is off. For whilst it's apparent that Fábio has fallen ›››   This touching tale on the meaning of true friendship follows the life of Sacha; an out 'n' proud gay man with a-liking for transexual glitz 'n' glam, who arrives at his best friends flat for a night out of drinks 'n' dancing, only to find that also joining them is straight faced and well straight all round, Estelle. ›››   This sweet 'n' tender tale of falling in love with your straight best friend finds César; a somewhat shy, introverted youth falling for the charms of aspiring actor / model Pablo, only for the man himself to endlessly flirt with César's single mother Luisa when he comes to stay for a sleepover, much to ›››
›› Through the Fields ‹‹   ›› Colours ‹‹   ›› Play It Like a Man - Un Été Viril ‹‹
2015 | 28 mins | France   2015 | 25 mins | UK   2018 | 22 mins | France
Convinced that he's the only gay in the village, young Théo surfs online to find himself a man for the night, much to the annoyance of his over-protective brother Lucas. Craving for his first kiss, only for that first touch to be not the kind he was longing for, this telling tale of brotherly love ›››   When closeted footballer Tom is accidentally seen with his boyfriend, his best friend and fellow teammate Adam is forced by bigoted team captain Mike to choose sides; either he's with him against Tom, or else face his homophobic wrath. In short, now is the time for Adam to show his true colours ›››   Loris and Thomas are best friends both on and off the football field, only for Loris to be a troubled soul, with a pent-up anger ready to erupt at any given moment. When the two discover voyeuristic images on their coach's mobile phone of Loris naked after the game, they seek vengeance on a man who ›››
›› Islands - Inseln ‹‹   ›› Boys Grammar ‹‹   ›› Professor Godoy ‹‹
2018 | 20 mins | Germany   2005 | 8 mins | Australia | FreeView   2009 | 14 mins | Brazil | FreeView
Islands tells the story of Theo; a talented artist whose dreams for his future have come crashing down around him by way of the brutal fists of Fabian; an angry youth vexed by way of Theo's friendship with classmate Linus. Yet it is obvious to everyone that Linus and Theo only have eyes for ›››   Caught with a book devoted to the male physique, gay boy Gareth is given a lesson he won't forget by a bunch of homophobic jocks, in this well-executed, if unsettling short film that dared to shine the spotlight on institutionalized homophobia and the brutal reality of ritualized hazing. Yet it's also ›››   This captivating short tells the story of Professor Godoy; an elderly teacher who has dedicated his life to his work, but at a cost; that of the enjoyment of life itself. That is until senior student Felipe dares to show him the equation of love, daring him to play a cat and mouse game that Felipe, ever the ›››
›› Pretty Boy ‹‹   ›› Squared ‹‹   ›› Spoilers ‹‹
2015 | 13 mins | Spain | FreeView   2014 | 15 mins | US   2016 | 22 mins | UK
This naughty but ever so nice short tells the story of twenty-year-old pretty boy Pablo; a young man who dreams about being a great filmmaker, only to face the reality of hustling his way through life. Lucky for him that he's a boy who loves his work, being more than happy to do whatever his clients ask ›››   Focusing on the manly torsos of its eye-candy styled stars, this short film tells the story of two hunks, one Asian and one Caucasian, who meet for a one-night stand, only to discover that when it comes to getting up close and personal, both prefer to be 'on top' of the situation, so-to-speak ›››   This beautifully framed short charts the moment when a mix-up over identical luggage on a plane makes two men realize that they have more in common with each other, than they could ever have imagined. Yet they both suffer from relationship blues and having had their hearts broken, are  ›››
›› Happy & Gay ‹‹   ›› Hole ‹‹   ›› Alex and the Handyman ‹‹
2014 | 10 mins | US   2014 | 15 mins | Canada | FreeView   2017 | 14 mins | US | FreeView
This hilarious gay parody of the vintage cartoons of the 1930's vividly captures the homophobia of the period and the underground clubs that were the sole outlet for those with a-liking for same-sex relationships. It tells the story of two devoted lesbians who invite their gay best friends ›››   Here we follow the life of Billy; a disabled gay man determined not to let his disability get in the way of his life and his sexual desires too. Longing for sexual intimacy, he heads out into the night to satisfy them; glory hole fashion. Only to discover that such holes are not exactly wheelchair friendly ›››   When nine-year-old Alex develops a crush on Jared, the moody twenty-five-year-old handyman who works in the mansion where he lives, he will stop at nothing to get his man - whatever the cost! It's a comically dark piece, sharply written and well-played throughout. Yet it's also the story of a ›››
›› Kiss Me Softly ‹‹   ›› Boys ‹‹   ›› Tellin' Dad ‹‹
2012 | 16 mins | Belgium   2016 | 14 mins | US   2017 | 15 mins | UK
This variant of the coming out scenario finds a family all but blind to the fact that their son Jasper is habitually bullied at school just for being gay. Not that his father's views would seemingly be any different, fixated as he is on his career as a Schlager styled folk singer whose closing number Kiss Me Softly ›››   Wonderfully capturing the carefree days of youth, this short film focuses on the close friendship between Brian and Jake; best friends who on a routine sleepover charts the pivotal moment when they come to explore their sexual identity, revealing a side to their sexuality, as hitherto unseen. In many ›››   Confronted by his boyfriend, Dan finally decides to say it - like it is. Letters are duly sent to one and all, with Dan appearing on the doorsteps of his family thereafter to discover just how his coming out words landed. Yet the outcome of one letter remains blowing in the wind, as Dan is ›››
›› title still courtesy of the short film HUMAN WARMTH by Christophe Prédari ‹‹

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